Our lawyers, Emilia Coto and Christina Loebach, work in association under the banner of Sisu Legal. They share some things in common: 

1) They are both committed to practicing immigration law exclusively. They want to be excellent at their craft and believe that the best way to achieve excellence is by devoting their time to their "one thing". You won't find us dabbling in anything else. 

2) The are both licensed to practice federal immigration law in Canada and in United States. Many of our clients have options. Many of our clients want to explore their options in both countries and our lawyers are equipped to tell you the pros and cons of both and guide you through either process. 

3) They share important values. Both believe in the importance of creating solutions that achieve our clients goals. This means creating excellent work and prioritizing good communication with all stakeholders. This also means believing in the importance of collaborating and working as a team to create the best solutions for clients. 

You can read more about each lawyer below: 

Emilia Coto

Christina Loebach

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