TN Visas

The end goal is to obtain work authorization for a specific employer in the U.S. - whether you want to move to the U.S. or be a border commuter.

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Your Next Chapter

You’ve worked very hard to get to this point in your career. You’ve gotten a degree (maybe more than one), sat for licensing exams, and started to work your way up the corporate ladder. Your new job offer in the U.S. has come at the best possible time in your life - both personally and professionally. You deserve this!

Unfortunately, the U.S. immigration rules are anything but easy to understand. You think you might qualify for a TN, and your new employer seems supportive… But what’s next? It’s completely normal to feel:

  • Confused by what is supposed to be a “straight-forward process”
  • Anxious that your application will be rejected (or even worse, that it will be rejected again)
  • Afraid that you will have quit your job, only to learn that you can’t start your new one

You are ready for the next chapter in your professional life. Now that you have that job offer, you want to focus on:

  • Earning your new salary in $USD, or…
  • Finding an affordable apartment in New York (good luck!), or…
  • Scouting out happy hour restaurant deals near your new office.

Things you probably don’t want to focus on:

  • Finding and completing all of the correct forms, or…
  • Worrying about whether your supporting evidence is strong enough, or…
  • If your TN application is as good as it can possibly be, or…
  • What important detail or document you might be missing!

First Impressions Matter

First impressions matter - especially with TN Visas. It’s important to have confidence that your first application for a TN Visa is complete, accurate, and compelling.

You want to save time and peace of mind knowing that your application is top-notch, and focus your energy on the things that matter to you. No more wondering if you could have done something better, or should have prepared differently for your interview at the Port of Entry.

Say goodbye to:

  • The anxiety of wondering if your application included all the necessary documents
  • The uncertainty of whether your new job qualifies you for a TN Visa
  • The stress of having your application rejected and having to return to Canada / Mexico
  • Not having anyone to turn to for all your questions and concerns.

Sisu Legal’s TN Visa Service is a done-for-you application so that you can save time, energy, and stress. We know you want to start that new job ASAP, and we will help you get your application package ready in no time flat. We offer proven systems and strategies to present your best possible case at the border.

This Service will:

  • Guide you through the process - including checklists, a client portal, and a kanban-style visual board that allows you to track the process;
  • Ensure you understand everything and that your questions are answered quickly;
  • Support you with any difficulties along the way; and
  • Help you prepare for your interview at the Port of Entry.

Our lawyers have personally gone through the TN Visa application process. They know exactly what it feels like to desperately want to begin a new job so that you can finally begin your next chapter. 

They get how important your financial stability and career is to you and your family. They can anticipate questions you will have.

They are obsessed with efficiency - using systems, processes, and technologies to avoid errors.

What You Can Expect

When you unwrap the way this service works, here’s an overview of what you can expect…

A Strategic Plan

We don’t believe in “winging it”. This service includes an initial meeting with a lawyer to discuss your goals, your career path, your new job, your concerns, and to answer any questions you have. We will go over the visa requirements and will guide you through the entire process. You will feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and confident.

An Execution Strategy

A plan is nothing without execution. You’ll get a customized, profession-specific checklist so that you can start gathering the best possible evidence for your application. We will make document collection as painless as possible with a customized upload link and a secured shared folder that you can add to, whenever it is most convenient for you.

Attention to Detail - Always

We’ve got checks and balances along the way to ensure that nothing gets missed. You’ll do a few simple questionnaires and we will do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. We have systems, processes, and technology in place to help reduce the chance of errors.

Support - Reach out anytime you get stuck

Schedule a call or email us with your questions - whenever, at no extra charge. You can always expect a response within one business day. However, the goal is to anticipate as many of your questions as possible and provide you with lots of resources and information so that you always have a clear picture of what comes next.

Snapshot of our Process

Here's a snapshot of our process:

Step 1 

Schedule a Strategy Session

This will allow us to get to know each other and figure out if we are a good fit. If you decide to move forward within 30 days of your consultation, the consultation becomes free.

Step 2 

After you agree that we are a good fit, it is time to come up with a tailored  plan and execute. We will go over strategy and a roadmap of how to gather the best evidence, what affidavits are required, and how to put together flawless forms.

Step 3 

Amazing—now that we are almost there, we will put your entire application through an  error-proofing review system and discuss how it can be made even better. No cutting corners here.

Please note, to keep up with our high service standards, there are limited spots available each month.