Can I get a TN Visa for a sales position?

Can I get a TN Visa for a sales position?

This is a common question. The answer is that it depends. Sales positions are often questioned with respect to their eligibility for a TN visa.

Sales position eligible for a TN Visa

If the position requires a degree in a TN profession and if the duties and responsibilities are aligned with the TN profession, then the position likely qualifies.

Sales position NOT eligible for a TN Visa

If the position does not require a degree in a TN profession and if the duties and responsibilities do not align with a TN profession, then it likely does NOT qualify. 

Eligibility Requirements - TN Visa

The following are common eligibility requirements: 

  • Canadian or Mexican Citizen 
  • Bachelor's degree or license in TN profession 
  • Eligible job offer with qualified employer 

Sales Engineer - TN Visa Approval 

Since our office is very close to Detroit, nicknamed as "the motor city" due to its ties to the auto industry, we often get the chance to work with engineers. Sales engineer is a desired position in the industry. 

Sales Engineering positions often require at least a bachelor's degree in Engineering, and often, plenty of experience as well. The reason why many sales engineer positions qualify for TN status is due to the highly technical aspects of the role. It often requires a deep understanding of the product and development. Someone who is not an engineer may not understand or be able to communicate with customers effectively. The positions often require someone with an engineering degree to perform the professional duties that the role demands which may include design and development, working with technical data, and full understanding of engineering processes. 

Eligibility is always dependent on the specific position and whether the individual will be performing duties that align with the duties and responsibilities consistent with the TN classification. 

For sales engineer positions, the applicant must show that the position requires someone with a bachelor's of engineering and that the applicant will still be performing engineering-related duties. 

How can an immigration lawyer help me with my TN Visa application? 

An immigration lawyer can help you determine if your position is eligible. Or, if it is not eligible, give you tips on how the role would need to be modified in order to be eligible. To be clear, the actual role may need to change, not simply the job description. Finally, we can prepare a detailed TN visa support letter that explains the professional functions of the job, and why you are eligible. To get started, please schedule a strategy session here

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