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Immigration consequences of a criminal conviction

Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act details numerous grounds under which a permanent resident or foreign national may be inadmissible to Canada, including criminal inadmissibility. A person who is criminally inadmissible is not allowed to enter or stay in Canada because they have committed or been convicted of a crime for which they have not received a record suspension or been rehabilitated.

Without question, the immigration consequences of a criminal conviction may be significant for foreign nationals and permanent residents. Criminal inadmissibility means that a foreign national or permanent resident in Canada could be found inadmissible to Canada as the result of a criminal conviction. If found inadmissible, they could be at risk of removal from Canada.

Why get a legal opinion?

Sisu Legal helps criminal lawyers and immigrants facing criminal charges by providing legal opinions at the plea bargain or sentencing stage. Some of the benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer to provide a legal opinion include:

  • Credibility to help you better argue your position with the Crown Attorney or Judge;
  • Helps you build trust with the Crown, especially one that you may not be as familiar with;
  • Ensures that immigrants facing criminal charges are fully educated on the adverse immigration implications that they may face if convicted;
  • Helps the Crown and criminal defence lawyer protect themselves from liability;
  • Helps the Crown or Judge justify their position if they offer a conditional discharge or other plea that does not result in a conviction.

Legal opinions for negotiation purposes serve a similar purpose of an expert opinion at trial. Yes, you may be able to research and come to the same conclusion, but it helps to have someone else supporting your position.

Your investment

Our fees for a legal opinion start at $997 + HST.