Express Entry to Canada

The end goal of Express Entry applicants is to obtain permanent resident status in Canada.

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Your Next Chapter

You’ve been considering a permanent move to Canada for a long time now. There are so many things about the country that appeal to you - its moderate politics, beautiful natural landscapes, world-class cities, universal healthcare, excellent education systems, generous parental care… you don’t have enough fingers on your hands to count the reasons why you love Canada!

You have some skilled work experience, so you think the Express Entry pathway might be your best option for permanent residency. The problem is that Express Entry is both a competitive and highly subscribed program. With so many qualified applicants, and draw cut-off scores being so competitive… why would the government invite you to apply for permanent residency?

At Sisu Legal, we understand how important it is to submit strong profiles for Express Entry to secure the highest number of points possible. We understand the nuances of the different programs, and create customized strategies for our clients through our Express Entry Application Services.


Each program managed within Canada’s Express Entry pathway has detailed requirements, and you must satisfy all of the program’s requirements before you may apply through that stream. Before you are even able to submit a profile, you have to meet minimum requirements for:

  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Language Ability
  • Family Members
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Job Offers (if applicable)

If you are eligible for Express Entry, the next step is to submit an online profile. Based on your profile, you are put in a pool of candidates for immigration. At this stage, you may or may not be invited to apply to immigrate - it all depends on your CRS score, the programs you are eligible for, and other factors including the strength of competing applicants. To improve your chances at success, it’s critically important that you have the strongest profile and the highest number of points possible.

What You Can Expect

When you unwrap the way this service works, here’s an overview of what you can expect…

A Strategic Plan

We don’t believe in “winging it”. This service includes an initial meeting with a lawyer to discuss your goals, your concerns, and to answer any questions you have. We will go over the visa requirements and will guide you through the entire process. You will feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and confident.

An Execution Strategy

A plan is nothing without execution. You’ll get a customized checklist so that you can start gathering the best possible evidence for your application. We will make document collection as painless as possible with a customized upload link and a secured shared folder that you can add to, whenever it is most convenient for you.

Attention to Detail - Always

We’ve got checks and balances along the way to ensure that nothing gets missed. You’ll do a few simple questionnaires and we will do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. We have systems, processes, and technology in place to help reduce the chance of errors.

Support - Reach out anytime you get stuck

Schedule a call or email us with your questions - whenever, at no extra charge. You can always expect a response within one business day. However, the goal is to anticipate as many of your questions as possible and provide you with lots of resources and information so that you always have a clear picture of what comes next.

Snapshot of our Process

Here's a snapshot of our process:

Step 1 

Schedule a Strategy Session

This will allow us to get to know each other and figure out if we are a good fit. If you decide to move forward within 30 days of your consultation, the consultation becomes free.

Step 2 

After you agree that we are a good fit, it is time to come up with a tailored  plan and execute. We will go over strategy and a roadmap of how to gather the best evidence, what affidavits are required, and how to put together flawless forms.

Step 3 

Amazing—now that we are almost there, we will put your entire application through an  error-proofing review system and discuss how it can be made even better. No cutting corners here.

Please note, to keep up with our high service standards, there are limited spots available each month.