Get to know immigration lawyer Christina Loebach…

Get to know immigration lawyer Christina Loebach…

Christina Loebach is an immigration lawyer at Sisu Legal. To celebrate a year since she joined Sisu Legal, and her recent birthday, we are sharing a few of our favorite things about her. 

Here’s some reasons why our clients love to work with immigration lawyer Christina Loebach: 

  1. Christina attended law school in the United States and Canada. She obtained both degrees in 3 years. 
  2. Christina has held numerous visas over the years including a TN visa and an H1B visa. She understands the importance of the process and the consequences of the application for career advancement. 
  3. With numerous years in higher education, Christina has a wealth of experience in recruitment, international students, and international employment. This adds an interesting perspective to her strategy sessions. 
  4. Christina’s family has been touched by international adoption so she is passionate about using immigration to reunite families. 
  5. Christina has developed a sub niche for the immigration consequences of criminal charges. She is Sisu Legal’s go-to person for criminal inadmissibility, criminal rehabilitation, and legal opinions on this topic. If you have a criminal history and want to know how this may impact your immigration options, schedule a strategy session with Christina. 

5 Fun Facts about immigration lawyer Christina Loebach: 

  1. Christina is the youngest of 3 siblings and has 2 older brothers.
  2. Christina is very close with her family and they love having weekly dinners together. 
  3. Christina is an avid gardener and loves spending time outdoors. Thankfully spring is right around the corner. 
  4. Christina loves learning how to DIY home projects. Some recent projects include refinishing an office desk and a cabinet. She still would not recommend attempting to DIY your immigration application. 
  5. Christina loves to share her immigration knowledge on social media. Her content is helpful and to the point. She has gone viral on TikTok on more than one occasion, including here and here

This is what a recent client has to say about working with immigration lawyer Christina Loebach: 

Very helpful and professional. Committed to their profession to help and advise. Christina was very patient in her approach and put my mind at ease with helpful advice. Would highly recommend”. - Paul B. 

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If you want to work with immigration lawyer Christina Loebach, you can book a strategy session here

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