Immigration Lawyer Emilia Coto

Immigration Lawyer Emilia Coto

Emilia Coto is an immigration lawyer at Sisu Legal and the founder of the firm. To celebrate Sisu Legal's fourth birthday, we are sharing a few of our favorite things about her. 

Here’s some reasons why our clients love to work with immigration lawyer Emilia Coto: 

  1. Emilia is licensed to practice Federal immigration law in both Canada (via the Law Society of Ontario) and United States (via the New York Bar).  
  2. Emilia has personally experienced immigration both as a child, and as an adult. As a child, her family immigrated to Canada from Honduras. As an adult, she immigrated to United States for family reasons. She understands how important the immigration process is and the feelings that come with such a big change. 
  3. Emilia speaks Spanish fluently, as it is her first language, and many of our client's enjoy being able to discuss their immigration issues in their native tongue.  
  4. Emilia is passionate about helping families reunite and plan their future together because family is extremely important to her.  
  5. Emilia has developed a sub niche for family immigration and TN visas. She is Sisu Legal's go-to person for family sponsorships, family petitions and TN visas. If you want to discuss your options on these topics, schedule a strategy session with Emilia. 

5 Fun Facts about immigration lawyer Emilia Coto: 

  1. Emilia has lived and worked abroad in Honduras, Brazil, and Egypt.
  2. She is the oldest of two siblings, and she is very close with her brother. 
  3. Emilia is also very close with her parents and they make a point to connect on a daily basis, even despite the distance. 
  4. Emilia loves learning how to DIY international dishes. Some recent favorites include foul muddamas and pao de queijo. She still would not recommend attempting to DIY their immigration application. 
  5. Emilia loves to share her immigration knowledge on her entrepreneurial journey. You can learn more about that, here and here

This is what a recent client has to say about working with immigration lawyer Emilia Coto: 

My husband and I had such a great experience with Sisu Legal in obtaining my green card! Emilia helped us every step of the way and answered every question we had with much knowledge and expertise. It can be such a daunting experience to do immigration paperwork, you don’t want to mess up on anything especially in my case in obtaining my immigration visa to the U.S. Any error could backtrack your application and make you have to wait so much longer. The whole process was smooth for us because Emilia knew all the ins and outs of the immigration system, she’s seen every scenario so her experience in the field alone is so helpful. Highly recommend for anyone needing an immigration lawyer! And she’s very familiar with Canadian AND American immigration law which is a bonus!”. - Loredana F.  

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If you want to work with immigration lawyer Emilia Coto, you can book a strategy session here
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