Spousal Sponsorship Success Story - Cross-border couple, living apart - Thailand and Canada

Spousal Sponsorship Success Story - Cross-border couple, living apart - Thailand and Canada

We wanted to start a series where we share our client's success stories. 


Our clients were living apart and working on their relationship long-distance but wanted to sort their immigration situation so they could start living together permanently. They had met during the pandemic through an online dating app, and were recently married in a small civil ceremony.

They decided that the wife, who had recently purchased her first home in Windsor, would sponsor her husband, a Thailand citizen, for Canadian permanent residency. We worked with this couple to clearly establish their relationship bona fides, since they hadn’t lived together before and maintained separate financial accounts, with a limited amounts of visits due to distance.

The husband wanted to keep his job in Thailand until the immigration application was approved, while spending as much time as possible with his wife in Canada during immigration processing. Since Canada recognizes dual intent, this was fine - but it was important that he understood what to say and what documents he needed to show every time he crossed the border into Canada. 


This couple hired us for their spousal sponsorship application. We created a checklist and helped the couple get their evidence organized. Once we received all their documents, we created a package with supporting documents to prove their bone fide relationship. We also sent the clients questionnaires to obtain the information needed for the government forms. Finally, we drafted an affidavit and legal submissions to tie everything together. 

The husband used the border package to travel without issue while the permanent residency application was in process.

Happily, his application for permanent residency in Canada was approved about 5 months after submission.

Filing Process 

This couple filed for outland processing and applied online. 

They did not receive requests for further information or an interview. 

Next Steps

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